Welcome to the home of the Mighty Galjoens

Forged in the cauldron of Cape Town in 2014, the Fistball Association of South Africa is the national representative body for the sport of fistball in South Africa. From humble beginnings we have grown a vibrant domestic league, with eight teams having competed in Fistivus 3 – our most recent national tournament. We are on a mission to spread the glory of fistball throughout South Africa.

The Mighty Galjoens are South Africa’s national fistball team, representing the elite of our country’s fistballing talent. Following a grueling selection process, including psychometric evaluation, 24-hour Rocky marathons and other extreme feats of physical and psychological exertion (the likes of which we’re not legally allowed to disclose), an elite unit of South Africa’s finest fistballers has been assembled to take on the world at the Men’s World Championship in Argentina this November.

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